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ManBetX万博体育app|在线登录Soon, your phones cracked screen may have its own healing factor.在旋即的将来,摔碎的手机屏幕或将需要自我修缮。...
本文摘要:Soon, your phones cracked screen may have its own healing factor.在旋即的将来,摔碎的手机屏幕或将需要自我修缮。


Soon, your phones cracked screen may have its own healing factor.在旋即的将来,摔碎的手机屏幕或将需要自我修缮。Scientists from the Department of Chemistry at the University of California, Riverside have developed a self-healing material that has potential applications for phone screens, artificial muscles, and more.来自加利福尼亚大学河滨分校化学系的科学家们研发出有一种具备自我修缮功能的新型材料。该材料也许可以应用于手机屏幕、人造肌肉以及其他更加多领域。

The concept isnt exactly new. In late 2013, the LG G Flex came out with a self-healing back that automatically repaired scratches and other wear and tear in a matter of minutes. The Flexs material was non-conductive, so it couldnt be used on screens.这并不是一种全新的概念。早在2013年年底,LG公司发售的G Flex手机之后在其背壳中用于了一种自我修缮材料,该材料可在几分钟之内自动修缮划痕以及其他表面磨损。但因为不具备导电性,所以无法应用于手机屏幕。

This new material is transparent, self-healing, highly stretchable material that can be electrically activated and could be used to improve batteries, electronic devices, and robots, according to a blog post from UC Riverside.加利福尼亚大学河滨分校官网上的一篇博文写到,这种新的研发的材料“外观半透明,具备自我修缮性功能和低延展性”,“该材料具备电活性,可用作提高电池、电子设备和机器人的性能”。Chao Wang, one of the authors of the paper, developed an interest in self-healing materials because of his lifelong love of Wolverine, the comic book character who has the ability to self-heal.研究论文作者之一王超回应,他研究自我修缮材料的兴趣源于一种自己长期以来都很青睐的动物——狼獾,它们经常经常出现在连环画里,具备很强的自我修缮能力。


Christoph Keplinger, another author of the paper, has previously demonstrated that these stretchable, transparent materials can be used to create transparent loudspeakers. With the additional ability to self-heal, the new material is ideal for electronics. The material is both low-cost and strong and can fix itself by resting for 24 hours at room temperature.先前,该研究论文的另一位作者克里斯托弗·凯普林格曾证明这些具备延展性的半透明材料可用作生产半透明扬声器。如今再行再加自我修缮功能,这种新型材料是生产电子设备的绝佳材料。该材料不仅成本低,而且材质牢固,置放室温中24小时之后可展开自我修缮。

While it may sound futuristic, Wang expects to see materials like the one developed by his lab in production in as little as three years.这些设想的构建听得上去或许遥不可及,但王超预计像他所在的实验室研发的这种新型材料再有三年就能投产。Within three years, more self-healing products will go to market and change our everyday life. It will make our cellphones achieve much better performance than what they can achieve right now, Wang told Business Insider.他向商业内幕网透漏:“三年之内,不会有更加多具备自我修缮能力的产品转入市场,并且转变我们的日常生活。