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ManBetX万博体育app|在线登录The UK is at risk of losing its status as the world’s leading fintech centre as the number of innovative companies in China is rapidly rising, according to a new report.近期报告表明,随着中国创意公司数量很快下降,英国有可能丧失全球领先金融科技中心的地位。...
本文摘要:The UK is at risk of losing its status as the world’s leading fintech centre as the number of innovative companies in China is rapidly rising, according to a new report.近期报告表明,随着中国创意公司数量很快下降,英国有可能丧失全球领先金融科技中心的地位。


The UK is at risk of losing its status as the world’s leading fintech centre as the number of innovative companies in China is rapidly rising, according to a new report.近期报告表明,随着中国创意公司数量很快下降,英国有可能丧失全球领先金融科技中心的地位。The annual study by advisory firm KPMG and investment company H2 Ventures shows that four of the top five global innovators in financial technology now come from China, reflecting the “indisputable” growth of fintech in the country.咨询公司毕马威(KPMG)与投资公司H2 Ventures的年度研究指出,全球排名前五的金融科技创新企业中有四家都来自中国,体现了中国金融科技“无可争议”的快速增长。Topping the list, which is determined by the amount of capital raised and the degree of traction with consumers, among other factors, is Hangzhou-based Ant Financial, an online payment service provider. Earlier this year, Ant Financial raised $4.5bn in a record fintech private placement.名列榜首的是总部坐落于杭州的互联网缴纳服务提供商蚂蚁金服(Ant Financial),这一名列是由所筹资本金额以及消费者吸引力等因素要求的。今年早些时候,蚂蚁金服在一轮创纪录的金融科技投资基金中筹得45亿美元。

The report shows that the UK is losing ground, occupying 13 of the top 100 positions compared with 18 last year. Only Atom, a mobile-focused bank that launched this year, made the top 10.这份报告表明英国正在失去自己的阵地,去年有18家英国公司转入前100名,而今年为13家,且只有Atom挤身前十。Atom是今年上线的一家专心移动业务的银行。

Fintech companies seeking to shake up the traditional bank-dominated business of lending and payments have all flocked to London in recent years with the aim of offering customers superior and often lower cost services.近年来,谋求政治宣传银行主导的传统贷款和缴纳业务的金融科技企业争相涌进伦敦,目的为客户获取更加优质的、且往往成本更加较低的服务。London is considered a fintech powerhouse as it provides efficient access to capital, skills and regulation that is focused on the sector.伦敦被指出是金融科技重地,它获取了提供资本、技术以及享用侧重该行业的监管的有效途径。But Warren Mead, global co-head of fintech at KPMG, said the emergence of China as “a market leader” and the increasing globalisation of fintech means UK policy makers and regulators will “have to continue to work hard to maintain our position”.但毕马威金融科技业务全球牵头主管沃伦.米德(Warren Mead)回应,中国沦为“市场领导者”以及金融科技的日益全球化意味著,英国政策制定者和监管机构将“必需之后希望保持我们的地位”。Competition is heating up globally with 17 countries now making the top 50 established companies, up from 13 last year. The UK is still in second place to the US, which holds a quarter of the 100 spots on the list.全球金融科技竞争大大加剧,这次前50大企业产于在17个国家,去年为13个国家。

英国仍名列第二,名列第一的美国在前100大公司中占有四分之一。Funding for fintech is on the rise, with the top 50 companies attracting $14.6bn of capital since last year, marking an increase of more than 40 per cent in just 12 months.金融科技的融资更加低,自去年以来前50大公司更有到了146亿美元资本,短短一年就构建同比快速增长逾40%。However, funding in the UK has come into question following the Brexit vote and intensifying competition elsewhere, especially in China.但时隔英国弃欧公民投票和来自其他地区、特别是在是中国的竞争激化之后,英国的融资已经常出现不确定性。Innovate Finance, the UK’s financial technology trade body, recently reported a decline in venture capital funding for UK fintech companies, which fell by a third in the first half of the year.英国金融科技行业机构Innovate Finance最近报告称之为,英国金融科技公司的风投资金经常出现上升,今年上半年上升了三分之一。


Companies saw $386m of investment for the first half, down from $580m for the same period last year. Innovate Finance cited Brexit as the main reason for the dip. In contrast, venture capital funding for global fintech companies grew nearly 150 per cent.上半年这些公司取得3.86亿美元投资,高于去年同期的5.8亿美元。Innovate Finance将英国弃欧列入这一下湿的主要原因。与之比起,全球金融科技公司的风投融资快速增长了近150%。

Toby Heap, of H2 Ventures, said that although China is growing rapidly in this sector, there are a number of “exciting” fintech companies emerging globally, in countries such as India and the Philippines.H2 Ventures的托比.希普(Toby Heap)回应,虽然中国在该领域快速增长很快,但有多家“令人兴奋的”金融科技公司正在全球显露,比如在印度和菲律宾等国。Most of the top 50 fintech companies are dubbed as “disruptors” that seek to challenge established financial services companies and traditional business models.绝大多数前50强劲金融科技公司都被称作“颠覆者”,它们谋求挑战传统的金融服务企业和传统商业模式。A number of peer-to-peer or marketplace lenders have grown in the past decade, as a way to provide more efficient lending compared to traditional banks. P2P matches investors with borrowers through a website, allowing for loans to be made more quickly.许多P2P贷款机构(或称之为集市型贷款机构)在过去十年获得了茁壮,它们获取了比传统银行更加高效的贷款方式。

P2P通过网站将投资者与借款人相匹配,减缓了贷款过程。P2P has surged in China, which is dominated by large state-owned banks that prefer lending to state-owned industrial companies. Chinese platform Lufax, which was valued at $19bn earlier this year, is fourth on the KPMG list.P2P在中国快速增长快速增长,中国的贷款由大型国有银行主导,它们更加偏向于贷款给国有工业企业。