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ManBetX万博体育app|在线登录Barcelona in late February is a hunting ground for pickpockets, for it is there that members of the telecoms industry annually convene to show off their latest wares, some of which still have yet to be announced.2月底的巴塞罗那是骗子的猎场,因为电信行业人士在这里开...
本文摘要:Barcelona in late February is a hunting ground for pickpockets, for it is there that members of the telecoms industry annually convene to show off their latest wares, some of which still have yet to be announced.2月底的巴塞罗那是骗子的猎场,因为电信行业人士在这里开


Barcelona in late February is a hunting ground for pickpockets, for it is there that members of the telecoms industry annually convene to show off their latest wares, some of which still have yet to be announced.2月底的巴塞罗那是骗子的猎场,因为电信行业人士在这里开会年度会议,展出它们的近期产品,其中一些目前为止仍并未对外宣告。About 100,000 people will attend Mobile World Congress this year. Delegates will come from all sectors of the industry, including makers of the base stations that transmit phone signals, producers of the mobile devices that receive them and developers who make the apps that phones depend on.今年的世界移动通信大会(Mobile World Congress)预计将有10万人参与。代表们来自通信行业的各个领域,还包括手机信号基站的修建商、移动设备的制造商以及手机应用程序的开发商。

High on the industry agenda is 5G, a network technology that aims to make data communication speeds significantly faster than its predecessor, 4G. Mats Granryd, director-general of the industry body GSMA, which organises the conference, says: “We will move away from being vague on the prospects of 5G this year to concrete proposals.”行业议程上的一个最重要议题是5G,这是一种目的让数据通讯速度近超强4G的网络技术。主办此次大会的行业的组织——全球移动通信系统协会(GSMA)的总干事马茨?格兰吕德(Mats Granryd)回应:“今年我们将仍然对5G前景模糊不清,而是不会有明确的建议。”There could be up to 200 launches of so-called 5G-lite by carriers this year as they prepare for its arrival in 2019.今年运营商有可能公布多达200个所谓的定5G产品,为2019年5G的最后到来做到打算。The coming of a faster network has been hailed as a possible boost for the telecoms sector, with Asian, US and European governments vying to take a lead in the new technology.更加较慢网络的到来被指出未来将会提振电信行业,目前亚洲、美国和欧洲各国政府都想要在这种新技术上占有领先地位。

A survey from UK telecoms company O2 predicts national 5G coverage would directly contribute an additional £7bn a year to Britain’s economy by 2026 and that the economic impact will be felt almost twice as quickly as that of fibre broadband, first tested by BT in 2009.英国电信公司O2在一项调查报告中预测,到2026年,全国性的5G网络覆盖每年将不会必要让英国经济规模额外减少70亿英镑,而且5G技术产生经济影响的速度将完全是光纤宽带的两倍——英国电信(BT)在2009年首次试验了光纤宽带。Network equipment makers at Mobile World Congress will try to deliver on the promise of a fully digital and constantly connected society. But the utopian vision of 5G has led some to question whether it will deliver all the services and economic benefits being promised, particularly as squeezed telecoms companies are as yet unwilling to stump up the projected funds to build the networks. These could cost Euro56bn in Europe alone.参加世界移动通信大会的网络设备制造商们将希望还清“打造出几乎数字化、时时网络的社会”的允诺。


One analyst quipped in the conference run-up that no network technology has been so talked about so early in the cycle. “That might be because there isn’t much else to talk about,” he says.一位分析师在大会前夕嘲讽地说,没哪种网络技术在这么早于的阶段受到如此热议。他说道:“这有可能是因为别的没什么可说的。”Nokia will get in on the 5G act as the network equipment maker vies with Ericsson and Huawei to win orders for the new technology. However, the Nokia brand will also return to the consumer smartphone market for the first time in three and the half years since Microsoft bought its handset将谋求在5G领域分一杯羹,这家网络设备制造商与爱立信(Ericsson)和华为(Huawei)进行竞争,争夺战新技术的订单。

然而,诺基亚品牌也将重返消费者智能手机市场,这将是自3年半前微软公司(Microsoft)并购其手机业务以来的首次。Some are confident the new Android-based range — made by Finnish company HMD — will become a force to reckon with. New BlackBerry devices, made under licence by third parties, will also come to market, despite the Canadian company signalling it would exit the sector last year. Others think Samsung’s woes with its exploding Galaxy Note 7 last year could let them in. Hopefuls include second-tier makers LG with its G6, and Huawei with its P10.一些人相信,诺基亚基于安卓操作系统的新产品——由芬兰公司HMD生产——将不容极强。许可第三方生产的新黑莓(BlackBerry)设备也将投放市场,尽管这家加拿大公司去年似乎将解散这一领域。

其他人指出,三星(Samsung)去年旗下产品Galaxy Note 7频密发生爆炸问题有可能给了它们机会。有期望取得成功的公司还包括发售G6的二线制造商LG以及发售P10的华为。

Such products could attract hungry buyers. Professional services group Accenture, which surveyed 26,000 consumers worldwide, found 54 per cent planned to buy a new smartphone this year, with especially high numbers of possible customers in India and China.这些产品有可能更有饥渴的买家。专业服务集团埃森哲(Accenture)对全世界的2.6万名消费者展开了调查,找到54%的消费者今年计划出售新的智能手机,印度和中国的潜在消费者特别是在多。

That is welcome news for a market in which growth in 2016 slowed to 5 per cent from the 14 per cent posted a year before, according to research company Gartner. It also puts pressure on device makers to swim against the tide of what CCS Insight analyst Ben Wood calls the “sea of sameness”. As the Android software operating system underpins 82 per cent of smartphones sold, differentiation is difficult.这在市场快速增长上升之际是个尚之信的好消息——低德纳(Gartner)的数据表明,智能手机市场2016年增长率从前一年的14%上升至5%。这也给设备制造商们带给压力,它们要在CCS Insight分析师本?伍德(Ben Wood)所称的“雷同之海”中逆流行进。

由于市面上销售的83%智能手机是安卓操作系统反对的,构建差异化十分艰难。David Sovie, global managing director for Accenture’s electronics and high-tech business unit, says features such as voice control should help sales. “Growing acceptance of services powered by artificial intelligence, such as voice assistants, is also fuelling this market upswing,” he says.埃森哲(Accenture)电子和高科技业务部全球总经理大卫?苏维(David Sovie)回应,语音掌控等功能不应有助销售。


他说道:“语音助理等使用人工智能技术的服务更加获得接纳,也让这个市场更为兴旺。”The coming of 5G is likely to be the dominant conference talking point, even though the reality for many people around the world is that such a debate masks a daily struggle to get any sort of connection at all. Telecoms companies have started to discuss solutions, such as flying drones, or helikites, being deployed in remote areas of developed countries to deliver mobile broadband to spots land-based masts cannot reach.5G的到来有可能沦为此次大会热点话题,不过实质上对于世界上的许多人来说,这种辩论掩饰了他们日常难以获得任何一种相连的问题。电信公司早已开始辩论解决方案,例如在发达国家偏远地区部署无人机或氦风筝(helikites),将移动宽带传输到无法修筑陆地信号塔的地方。

It is yet to be seen whether those people who object to brutalist mobile phone masts spoiling the countryside will welcome War of the Worlds-style drones, or if the promise of blanket coverage will be enough to keep complainers quiet.有些人赞成修筑手机信号塔,指出这种粗野建筑不会毁坏乡村面貌,这些人否不会青睐《世界大战》(War of the Worlds)式的无人机,或者地毯式覆盖面积的允诺否不足以让那些责怪的人大声,还都尚待仔细观察。The problem is more acute in the developing world, where connecting the unconnected remains a perennial difficulty. Facebook’s plans to deliver broadband across Africa suffered a setback last year when the SpaceX rocket carrying its $200m satellite exploded on the launch pad. The failure showed that delivering the latest in telecoms infrastructure is both expensive and tricky.这个问题在发展中国家更加不利,在这些地区,“让无法相连网际网路的人都能相连网际网路”仍是长年难题。


Paul Lee, head of technology, media and telecommunications research at professional services provider Deloitte, says: “The world is getting more connected, but there are still billions to connect. Mobile connections are approaching the 5bn mark. So there are still over 2bn to go. There are also varying degrees of quality of connectivity. There are some 200 carriers yet to launch 4G services, but we are likely to see some operators launch 5G services this year.”德勤(Deloitte)的技术、媒体与电信研究主管保罗?李(Paul Lee)说道:“世界于是以显得更为点对点,但仍有数十亿人还无法相连。移动相连已相似50亿大关,因此还有20多亿人未有构建相连。而且相连质量不存在差异。目前约还有200家运营商仍未发售4G服务,可我们今年就不会看见一些运营商发售5G服务。

”This is not just a problem in remote places. More than 1m UK homes and businesses have what are deemed to be slow broadband access speeds, while 4G coverage is patchy even in cities. According to data from OpenSignal, a wireless company, the UK, once a pioneer in the mobile industry, now ranks 54th in global rankings of 4G coverage. “There is massive variation in mobile speed,” says Deloitte’s Mr Lee.这不仅是偏远地区才不会有的问题。多达100万英国家庭和企业的宽带接入速度被指出是较慢的,而4G覆盖面积即使在城市也产于失衡。


”The GSMA’s Mr Granryd argues that pushing mobile data to more places is the “nuclear reactor” for improving people’s lives. The demand for portable “electronic money” so people can use phones to withdraw or transfer funds, for instance, has strongly taken hold in emerging markets where many have not had access to traditional banks. These have caught up with contactless wave-and-pay technologies available to bank card and phone users in countries such as the US and UK. There are about 500m mobile money users across 93 countries, mostly in Africa and Asia.格兰吕德指出,将移动数据推展到更加多地方是提高人们生活的“核反应堆”。例如,对便携式“电子货币”的市场需求在新兴市场早已根深蒂固,人们用手机就能取钱或账户,而在新兴市场许多人不用于传统银行的服务。这些缴纳技术早已跟上了美英等国银行卡或手机用户所用于的非接触式感应器缴纳(wave-and-pay)技术。

全球约有5亿名移动货币(mobile money)用户,产于在93个国家,主要是非洲和亚洲的国家。Christophe Uzureau, vice-president of banking and investment services at Gartner, says mobile finance has evolved rapidly. Different models have emerged but the most advanced, such as Alibaba’s Alipay in China, have added benefits, like assisting Chinese tourists with the processing of international payments. This evolution goes hand-in-hand with improved connectivity.低德纳银行和投资服务副总裁克里斯托夫?乌聚罗(Christophe Uzureau)回应,移动金融发展很快。

如今早已经常出现了多种不同的模式,而最先进设备的模式带给了诸多益处——例如中国阿里巴巴(Alibaba)的支付宝(Alipay)——比如帮助中国游客处置国际缴纳。这种变革与连接性的提升密切连接。The advent of 5G could accelerate development of digital services. But the GSMA says the industry also has to focus on the provision of more relevant local content if mobile is to blossom. As Mr Granryd points out, only 0.1 per cent of India’s web pages are in Hindi while more than 400m people speak the language. Hauling up masts alone will not be enough to make 5G a global success.5G问世将可减缓数字化服务的发展。但GSMA回应要使移动技术兴旺发展,该行业还必需致力于获取更加接地气的本地内容。