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ManBetX万博体育app|在线登录After failing to gain significant market share with tablets running on Google Inc.s Android operating system, Samsung Electronics Co. is now betting on new devices running on Microsoft Corp.s Windows as it continues to battle it out for do...
本文摘要:After failing to gain significant market share with tablets running on Google Inc.s Android operating system, Samsung Electronics Co. is now betting on new devices running on Microsoft Corp.s Windows as it continues to battle it out for do


After failing to gain significant market share with tablets running on Google Inc.s Android operating system, Samsung Electronics Co. is now betting on new devices running on Microsoft Corp.s Windows as it continues to battle it out for dominance with Apple Inc. in mobile devices. 由于没能凭借配备谷歌(Google Inc.)安卓(Android)操作系统的平板电脑取得大量市场份额,三星电子(Samsung Electronics Co.)如今把赌局押到配备微软公司(Microsoft Corp.) Windows操作系统的新设备上。目前,三星在之后与苹果公司(Apple Inc.)争夺战移动设备市场的主导地位。Following a major defeat in the U.S. last week where a jury awarded damages of more than $1 billion to Apple ruling that Samsung copied the U.S. companys designs and software patents, Samsung showcased its product pipeline for the second half of this year at a tradeshow in Berlin, Germany, Thursday. 三星电子本周四在德国柏林的一个展览上展出了今年下半年将发售的一系列新产品。此前,上周三星电子在美国遭遇了滑铁卢,陪审团确认三星侵害了苹果公司的设计和软件专利,拒绝三星向苹果缴纳逾10亿美元的赔偿金。

The company unveiled its ATIV line of products including a 10.1-inch tablet device running on Windows RT and a 4.8-inch smartphone running on the Windows Phone 8 system. The new products will be launched later this year and Samsung didnt disclose the launch dates or the price. 三星在上述展览上发售了其ATIV产品线,其中还包括配备Windows RT操作系统的一款屏幕为10.1英寸的平板电脑,以及一款配备Windows Phone 8系统的屏幕为4.8英寸的智能手机。这些新产品将于今年晚些时候上市,不过三星没透漏明确上市日期或产品价格。Samsung has in the past relied heavily on Android-based devices to gain market share against Apple globally, but Fridays U.S. verdict has put a spotlight on Android manufacturers, such as Samsung, and their heavy dependence on Google for mobile operating software. 三星此前相当严重倚赖安卓设备同苹果在全球市场夺回市场份额,但上周五美国法院作出的判决让外界开始注目三星等安卓设备厂商及其对谷歌手机操作系统相当严重倚赖的问题。

Samsung said in a statement it is committed to offering more choices based on the Windows 8 platform for consumers. 三星在一份声明中说道,该公司致力于向消费者获取基于Windows 8平台的更好自由选择。Its highly likely that Samsung will seek to reduce its dependence on Google, while it continues to strengthen its Window-based product line up, said Lee Sun-tae, an analyst at NH Investment Securities. Mr. Lee said the Windows-based devices shows that Samsung is accelerating its shift from Android to Microsofts operating system. 韩国券商NH Investment Securities的分析师Lee Sun-tae说道,三星很有可能会谋求减少对谷歌的倚赖,同时之后不断扩大基于Windows系统的产品阵容。他说道,发售Windows设备指出三星正在减缓其从安卓向微软公司操作系统的改变过程。

Despite Samsungs move, analysts are skeptical as to whether Samsung will be able to gain more share with Microsofts software. Sales for Windows phones have already disappointed Nokia Corp., which receives regular payments from Microsoft to develop phones using its software. Sales of Nokias Lumia line of smartphones havent really taken off as Nokia also struggles from competition with Apple. 尽管如此,分析师对三星能否凭借微软公司操作系统取得更加多市场份额所持猜测态度。Windows手机的销售情况早已令其诺基亚公司(Nokia Corp.)倍感沮丧。诺基亚不会定期从微软公司接到用作研发Windows手机的资金。

由于来自苹果的竞争令其诺基亚举步维艰,其Lumia系列智能手机卖得并很差。Samsungs partnership with Microsoft following the release of these devices is expected to strengthen, said Seo Won-seok, an analyst at Korea Investment Securities. But he said the new products wont help much in the near term because there hasnt been significant growth for Windows-based phones due to weak consumer demand. 韩国券商Korea Investment Securities的分析师Seo Won-seok说道,在三星公布上述设备之后,预计三星与微软公司的合作将不会强化。

但他也说道这些新产品在短期内对提振三星业绩没多大协助,原因在于消费者市场需求低迷造成Windows手机销量并没大幅度快速增长。Android has given Samsungs smartphone business a shot in the arm. The company became the worlds biggest smartphone maker by shipments earlier this year when it overtook both Apple and Nokia. Based on data from IDC, a market researcher, Samsung had a 32.6% share of the global smartphone market in the second quarter, ahead of Apples 16.9% and Nokias 6.6%. But in tablets, Samsung has trailed behind significantly. Apples iPad still had an overwhelming lead, with 68.2% of the market. Samsungs share of the tablet market is just 9.6%, according data from IDC. 安卓系统早已给三星智能手机业务打了一针强心剂。按发货量计算出来,今年早些时候三星乘势打破苹果和诺基亚沦为全球仅次于的智能手机制造商。


On Thursday, Samsung also showcased a successor to its Galaxy Note device which runs on Android and combines the functions of a smartphone and a tablet into one. 周四三星还展览了新一代Galaxy Note跨界产品。该产品配备的是安卓系统,融合了智能手机和平板电脑的各种功能。Samsung attempted to create this new product category called phablet when it launched the first Galaxy Note in November last year as its patent fight with Apple began escalating around the globe. Apple first sued Samsung in April last year alleging that Samsung slavishly copied the design and the feel of its iPad and iPhones. Samsung countersued, saying that Apple violates various patents related to telecommunications technology. 三星企图创立这一名为“平板手机”(phablet)的新产品类别。

去年11月,就在三星和苹果的专利战在全球范围内大大升级之际,三星发售了第一代Galaxy Note。去年4月,苹果首先对三星驳回诉讼,称之为三星“几乎”剽窃了苹果iPad和iPhone的设计和外观。

三星随后明确提出反诉,称之为苹果侵害了其与电信技术涉及的多项专利。The Galaxy Note has grown to become one of the biggest profit contributors to Samsungs mobile business, along with the companys flagship Galaxy smartphones. In the second quarter, more than 60% of Samsungs total operating profit of nearly $6 billion came from the sale of mobile devices. Galaxy Note早已沦为三星移动设备业务仅次于的利润来源之一,作为三星旗舰产品的Galaxy智能手机也是主要利润来源。今年二季度,在三星近60亿美元的营业利润总额中,多达60%来自移动设备的销售。

The Galaxy Note II has a larger 5.5-inch screen and allows users to use a pen to write and browse the Internet. Since the launch of the first model, Samsung said it has sold more than 10 million units. Galaxy Note II屏幕尺寸更大,为5.5英寸,用户可以用于一种特制的笔在屏幕上展开书写并网页互联网。自第一代Galaxy Note上市以来,三星说道其销量早已多达1,000万部。

Samsung has said the design of Galaxy Note is different from the iPhone with a bigger screen and more rounded edges. Throughout the trial in the U.S., Apple argued that Samsungs smartphones with their rectangular shape looked too much like the iPhone. 三星回应,Galaxy Note的设计和iPhone有所不同,前者屏幕更大,边角更加圆润。在美国展开庭审的整个过程中,苹果始终认为三星智能手机的长方形造型看起来和iPhone过分相近。On Monday, Apple filed a motion to ban 8 Samsung smartphones from the U.S. market. So far, sales of those products in the U.S. have amounted to more than $3 billion since they came into the market in 2011, according to court documents. 周一,苹果公司递交了一份动议,催促法院禁令三星八款智能手机在美国市场展开销售。法庭文件表明,自2011年这些产品上市以来,到目前为止其在美国的销售收入总计多达30亿美元。

Samsung is hoping that the new Galaxy Note II can help cushion the blow from a potential sales ban in the U.S. later this year. 三星期望,一旦其智能手机今年晚些时候在美国遭遇销售禁令,新一代Galaxy Note II需要协助其减轻由此带给的冲击。