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为对抗谷歌地图 苹果将用无人机提高地图质量|万博体育
作者:万博体育 来源:万博体育 点击: 发布日期: 2022-06-02 09:48
ManBetX万博体育app|在线登录Apple is hoping drones can help the company compete more effectively against Google Maps, according to a new report.一则近期报告认为,苹果公司期望无人机可以协助其更加有效地对付谷歌地图。...
本文摘要:Apple is hoping drones can help the company compete more effectively against Google Maps, according to a new report.一则近期报告认为,苹果公司期望无人机可以协助其更加有效地对付谷歌地图。


Apple is hoping drones can help the company compete more effectively against Google Maps, according to a new report.一则近期报告认为,苹果公司期望无人机可以协助其更加有效地对付谷歌地图。The tech giant is building a team that will use drones to fly overhead and capture critical street information, including signs and traffic changes, Bloomberg is reporting, citing sources who claim to have knowledge of its plans.《彭博社》的这一报告援引自声称得悉其计划的消息来源称之为,苹果正在重新组建一个团队,用于无人机捕捉还包括标志和交通变化的关键的街道信息。

Apple has secured approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use drones to capture photos, videos, and other traffic data, the report says.报告称之为,苹果早已取得联邦航空局的批准后,用于无人机捕捉照片、视频和其他交通数据。Drone capture could prove important to Apple as it works to improve its Maps application running on iOS and macOS devices.无人机捕捉技术可以证明其对苹果的重要性,因为它可以改良其在iOS和macOS设备上运营的地图应用程序。After capturing the data from streets both in the U.S. and abroad, it can then be transmitted back to Apples team and its information uploaded to the Apple Maps servers, according to Bloomberg.据《彭博社》报导,在从美国和国外的街道捕捉数据之后,它可以被传输返苹果的团队,并且其信息被上传遍苹果地图服务器。Users, then, would get far more useful and recent data.因此,用户将取得更加多简单、新近的数据。


Apple Maps was released in 2012 as a replacement to Google Maps on iOS. Soon after its release, however, the app, which comes bundled with Apples operating systems, was criticized for having inaccurate information and poor driving directions.苹果地图于2012年公布,代替了iOS上的谷歌地图。然而,在它公布后旋即,与苹果的操作系统绑的该应用程序,被抨击具备不精确的信息以及不当的驾驶员方向感。Apple CEO Tim Cook ultimately apologized for Apple Maps and suggested users try out other options, like the Google Maps that had previously been bundled with Apples mobile operating system.苹果首席执行官蒂姆·库克最后为苹果地图向用户致歉,并建议用户尝试其他选项,如以前与苹果的移动操作系统绑的谷歌地图。Since then, Apple has made strides towards improving the apps accuracy and data and has added more information, including traffic and transit data.从那时起,苹果早已在提升该应用程序的准确性和数据方面获得了长足进步,并减少了还包括交通和公交数据等更加多信息。


Still, Apple Maps is generally believed to be inferior to Google Maps, which comes with accurate data and other key features, like a Street View option that lets users see images of addresses.然而,苹果地图仍被普遍认为不如谷歌地图,谷歌地图获取了精确的数据和其他关键功能,如可以让用户看见地址的图像的街景视图选项。In addition to getting better data more quickly to Apple Maps with drones, the company is also trying to improve its mapping services navigation and is eyeing ways to take images of the inside of buildings, according to Bloomberg.据《彭博社》报导,除了用无人机更佳地提供更佳的数据之外,苹果还在希望改良其地图服务的导航系统,并且正在找寻摄制建筑物内部图像的方法。

That feature would let users explore airports, museums, and other public places without actually visiting them. Google already offers a similar feature with Google Maps.该功能将容许用户探寻机场、博物馆和其他公共场所,而不必实际采访他们。谷歌地图早已获取了类似于的功能。